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cigar cabinet humidifier

cigar cabinet humidifier

Product features:

• Constant temperature system

• Strict control of temperature and humidity

• Good sealing

• Door style: glass door frame with comfortable tube handle

• Sensitive touchscreen control panel with an automatic control panel lock

• LED temperature display in °C and °F

• Soft interior LED light: blue/white (the color is optional) 

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Other choices

1. The cabinet color: Red, black, white, brown, black walnut, and red cherry.

2. Control panel: LED 

3. LED light: The default white light, more than 12 light colors support customization.

4. For other customize, contact us, we are glad to service you!

Why choose King cave's cigar humidor?

1. Precision electronic control system

2. Constant Temperature and Humidity

3. Air closed-loop circulation can effectively constant humidity

4. King caves cigar cooler humidors use Canadian cedar.

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What can we do for you?

1. King cave is a manufacturer in Xiangjiang, with 16 years of production experience since 2006.

2. One-stop service, our salesman provides professional wine cabinets, cigar cabinets, and cannabis cabinets.

3. We have a 60000 m2 factory, which can undertake projects and private customization, and provide warehousing and inspection services.

4. For more services, please contact us.

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Q:What kind of payment terms are accepted?

A:The following payments are accepted by our group: T/T(Telegraphic Transfer)

Western Union

L/C(Letter of credit)


Q:When can the goods be delivered after the order is placed?

A:Depending on various products, it can be from 20 days to 45 days, exact delivery time will be specified in the invoice once the order is confirmed.

Q:Are items shown on the website ready to deliver after the order is placed?

A:Most of the items are needed to be made once the order is confirmed.

Q:Which countries do you export to before?

A:We have exported our Wine cabinet, cigar cabinet, and cannabis cabinet to America, the UK, France, Russia, New Zealand, and so on.

Q: Can I buy some samples before the orders?

A: Yes, we can offer samples before the orders. But the cost of the sample requires you to bear it. 

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