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cigar storage cooler

cigar storage cooler

Other choices:

1. The cabinet color: Red, black, white, brown, black walnut, and red cherry.

2. Control panel: LCD Touchscreen control/ key press button

3. LED light: single color (blue, green, white)

4. For other customize, contact us, we are glad to service you!

Why choose King cave’s cigar humidor?

1. Precision electronic control system

2. Constant Temperature and Humidity

3. Air closed-loop circulation can effectively constant humidity

4. King caves cigar cooler humidors use natural wood drawers and shelves.


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1. Constant temperature and humidity control, humidity range: 58%-78%RH.

2. LCD touch screen, Celsius, and Fahrenheit switches adjust the luminance of LED light.

3. Red, black, white, brown, black walnut, red cherry wood grain exterior shell.

4. Double tempered transparent glass door,anti-UV, protects wine from ultraviolet light. King caves are the best cabinet for your precious cigars.

5. Different colors of LED lights on both sides of the door can illuminate the entire cabinet.

6. Safety protection lock of cigar moisturizing cabinet.

7. The best imported American MDF shell.

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Spot Supply

1:The diverse cabinet inventory can be transported immediately.

2:Mixed styles and a small amount of orders are acceptable.

High Quality & Cost-Effective Products

1:Our mission is to provide Cost-effective products to every client and consumer.

2:We grew up and got success with our clients together during the past 16 years.

3:OEM order is welcome.

4:Welcome to check the quality of cabinets.

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Q:Are you a factory?

A:1. Yes. We are the manufacturer.

2. We have a mature OEM production capacity you can choose the material, style, size, color, and packaging.

Q:What is MOQ?

A:Small orders can be acceptable.

Q:Are your samples free and how long will it take to deliver?

A:1. Our sample is charged.

2. Small order delivery time is 20 days, 40HQ delivery time is 45 days, depending on the number of orders for your order.

Q:How can we guarantee?

A:1. Quality control when buying raw materials.

2. Control every process in the production process.

3. Product quality control before mass production.

4. Mass control and confirm before transportation.

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