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dual zone wine cabinet

dual zone wine cabinet

1. Imported American MDF shell and Canadian cedar wood, the entire natural solid wood material inside.

2. Exquisite production, including control panels, frameworks, and molding.

3. Make high-quality paint coatings on the surface.

4. Durable wine cabinet, with strong resistance to corrosion, heat, and cold.

5. Choose a variety of colors and styles for you.

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1. Embraco compressor, the best compressor in the world.  

2. Imported American Oak and Canadian cedar to make wine cabinets.

3. temperature control, 5~22℃, LCD/LED temperature screen.  

4. The inside of the wine cabinet contains LED lights, which can illuminate the entire cabinet.

5. Safe protection lock for the doors of the wine cabinet.

6. Super big space for wine storage, best for storage of wine.

7. 3-year warranty period.

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16 years of wine cabinet and cigar cabinet production experience. Since 2007, it has been committed to the field of red wine cabinets, cigar cabinets, and cannabis cabinets. With an experienced technical team, King Cave always provides customers with professional suggestions and the purchase management of red wine cabinets and cigar cabinets. Global sales of more than 150 countries and regions.

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Q:Are you a factory or trading company?

A:Manufacture and trade combination company, we have our factory.

Q:Why choose King cave?

A:We are a manufacturer which has more than 16 years experience.

Q:Could you print the LOGO for an item?

A:Sure, we can print your LOGO as you require.

Q:Do you accept customization?

A:Yes, please contact us,let's talk more.

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