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professional wine cabinet

professional wine cabinet

Product Features:

1. Embraco Compressor

2. Environmental friendship.

3. The temperature control system developed by King Cave.

4. Control panel, LCD electronic panel.

5. Adjustable thermostats for ideal temperature control.

6. Internal installation of LED lights can see the cabinet.

7. Multi-color can be fixed.

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1. Embraco compressor, the best compressor in the world.  

2. Imported American Oak and Canadian cedar to make wine cabinets.

3. temperature control, 5~22℃, LCD/LED temperature screen.  

4. The inside of the wine cabinet contains LED lights, which can illuminate the entire cabinet.

5. Safe protection lock for the doors of the wine cabinet.

6. Super big space for wine storage, best for storage of wine.

7. 3-year warranty period.

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What can we do for you?

1. King cave is a manufacturer in Xiangjiang, with 16 years of production experience since 2006.

2. One-stop service, our salesman provides professional wine cabinets, cigar cabinets, and cannabis cabinets.

3. We have a 60000 m2 factory, which can undertake projects and private customization, and provide warehousing and inspection services.

4. For more services, please contact us.

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Q:is you a trading company or manufacturer?

A:We are a factory.

Q:Can you OEM or ODM?

A:Yes, we have a strong development team. You can make products according to your requirements.

Q:What kind of shipment method do you make?

A:For the mass order: sea transportation.

Q:How long is the warranty?

A:3 years.

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