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How to use cigar cabinets to store cigars?

How to use cigar cabinets to store cigars?

How to use cigar cabinets to store cigars

1. The quality of cigar cabinets is good. Cigar cabinets with constant temperature and humidity functions are the best (that is, the temperature and humidity can be adjusted at the same time). Cigar, make sure there is no problem with the cigar

2. The cigarette cabinet should be made of cedar wood, which is best protected from the cigar. As for the surface of the cigar box, it is not large, and all kinds of materials will be used.

3. If you have different flavors of cigars, it is best not to store them in the same cabinet. If it is stored for a long time, it may cause the cigar skewers to taste, so it will be lost. If there is no extra cabinet to store other flavors of cigars for the time being, then ensure that the cigar cabinet has different segmentation boxes. This can also store a variety of flavors of cigars, especially cigars with a relatively large taste.

4. Good cigars in transportation, in order to obtain protection, a layer of glass paper are usually outside and has a moisturizing effect. If you want to put the cigar in the cigar, you can remove the glass paper at this time, because this layer of paper will block the cigar from exchanging fresh air and wet wetness. Qi is not conducive to cigar mellow. However, you have only one cigar box and a variety of cigars, so cigar and glass paper can play a role not each other.

5. When we use the cigar cabinet, some cigar cabinets have multiple probes in them to ensure that even the temperature and humidity in the corner of the cabinet is consistent. The humidity meter is inside, and at the same time, no matter what brand of cigar cabinets, it is not possible to ensure that there are no problems during the use process.

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Post time: Nov-22-2022