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What type of humidor cabinets is best?

What type of humidor cabinets is best?

1. The humidor must have constant humidity and humidity. Humidors are very important for storing cigars. When there are not many cigars, you can use a humidor. Once the cigars are stored to a certain stage, you will use a humidor.

If possible, try not to choose an air-cooled cigar cabinet. The humidification method of an air-cooled cigar cabinet is to change water from liquid to gaseous water molecules into the air. The moisturizing water is placed under the fan, and the water molecules are blown into the humidor by the fan. In this way of moisturizing, if the cigar is near the fan, it is easy to be impacted by the flowing wind, causing the cigar wrapper to crack.

2. The best humidors are usually made of Spanish cedar, which is by far the best type of wood for retaining humidity. However, they can also be made from other woods, including Canadian cedar, mahogany, oak, and even cherry.

Our cigar cabinets use oak as the outlook and have an independent constant temperature and humidity system. The pallets are made of Spanish and Canadian cedar, which can well protect the cigars.

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Post time: Mar-01-2023